Current course – Beyond Gravity

Open contact improvisation class in Friedrichshain

From 6. January to 25. May every Monday 9 pm – 10:30 pm at Papillon Tanzstudios, Gürtelstraße 25, 10247 Berlin

In this class we will explore the fundamentals and various possibilities of CI.

We will become familiar with the underlying physical principles and release the creative potential in us to play and create our own dances in solo, duet, trio and with the whole group.

The dancing classes are based on the idea of building an embodied understanding of our own movement. From a relaxed state of mind we will explore the various principles and influencing factors of movement, like 

  • gravity, resistance, pressure, balance, momentum,
  • flexibility, coordination, strenghts, fascial movement
  • function of anatomical structres
  • music
  • emotional state,
  • physical condition,
  • imagination,
  • intention,
  • presence and mindfulness.

We will explore organic, effortless and natural movements which culminate in a fluid, creative and improvised dance. While expanding our capacity of listening to our bodies and to the responses of our partner, more and more possibilities arise to find satisfaction in the movement itself and to playfully explore various acrobatic movements.

The classes will start with a somatic solo warm-up. Successive exercises will lead to an understanding of underlying patterns that aid to shape an autonomic, mutual improvised and multidimensional dance. There is always a mix of given exercises, inspiring ideas and time to explore and dance.

The basic vocabulary of contact improvisation will structure the sequences of the exercises and explorations. We will work on different level from the floor to the air and investigate the relationship between posture, gravity, balance and momentum. Other fundamentals that we will work on are safety, boundaries, developmental movement patterns, spirals, rolling point of contact, shared weight, support, leading and following, falling, flying, backspace, proximity and distance and various more.

Contact Improvisation is outstanding in the combination of embodiment, creative expression, playfulness, social interactions, nurturing touch and joyful training of physical skills like flexibility, coordination and strength. Come and dance – beyond gravity.

90 min / 15 €       10 × 90 min / 120 €    


About me

My name is Christoph Arndt. I’m a yoga teacher, bodyworker, dancer and dance teacher.

My heart beats for contact improvisation. I studied in private dance trainings with Vega Luukkonen, Jörg Hassmann, Yaniv Mintzer, Tim O’Donnell and others. I continuously grow and keep on learning with various teachers from all over the world.

In my teaching I highlight joyful movement, individual expression and to give a somatic foundation to find an effortless and fluid dance. 

I open spaces for people who want to connect with their bodies and find satisfaction in the physical and social exchange with other dancers. 

What I love about contact improvisation is that the art is happening in the moment and is thus transient and simultaneously ever new, surprising, spontaneous and unpredictable. There is always something deeper or hidden to explore, if you just dare to take a look.


Papillon Tanzstudios, Gürtelstraße 25, 10247 Berlin

You have questions, feedback or want to register for a course? I’m looking forward to your message!